Friday, October 15


Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted in 3 months. It's not because I was kidnapped, force-fed my own hair and made a giant guinea pig. It's not because my parents got fed up and murdered me in our garage. It's only slightly because I'm a lazy asshole.

It's because of color guard.

That's right. All my of energy is consumed by a couple of 1''x6' fiberglass poles and some stretchy junk. 8 minutes and 11 seconds of music and choreography dances through my mind every waking moment, clouding my mind and invading my sleep - I've had freaking /nightmares/ about guard. Do you realize the severity of this? I don't even have nightmares about Freddie of Jason or Mike Myers or that ugly little Japanese kid from The Ring.

But despite all that... I love it. I'm in the best shape of my life, I've never looked or felt better, school is going well, and last month was my /two year/ anniversary with my fiance. And riiight around today, it's been 5 months of engagement~

But back on topic... long, long ago, I promised details on guard.

1) Workworkworkwork
- Our instructor, during band camp (2) worked us like slaves. In one day, we ran the length of a football field... and back... and again... and back... and again... and back... then we ran suicides about 10-15 yards back and forth... and then we did - count it! - 100 jumping jacks.

2) Band camp
-90 hours of sunburn, starvation, and soreness.
-I only survived off cheese-itz.
-Learned that a rail-thin 5'9'' petite girl can actually manage basic ballet
-became veeery flexible in only a few days.

3)I bruised, along with both my knees and shins and head, my FUNNY BONE.

BUT the routine is finally complete, we have a competition tomorrow, and we're gonna rock. Sorry for the short post but maybe this disturbingly large stingray will make things okay. Subscribe, comment, and share the love!


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