Sunday, July 25

I LessThan3 You, Urban Dictionary.

Okay, so the first one is pretty weird...

1. Chelsea
- the most AMAZING people you will ever find are Chelseas. chicken flavored & lemon scented. DELICIOUSLY good looking.

BUT! This one is shockingly accurate!

5. Chelsea
- Chelsea is a beautiful creature of a peculiar nature. She is often starving or not hungry in the least, but she is dangerous in her hungry state. Possibly the sexiest creature on the planet, the Chelsea naturally has the powers of seduction and can manipulate your emotions without you realizing it. Be careful never to walk into the home of a Chelsea before announcing yourself, for she may be naked. Overall, Chelsea is a pleasure to be around, a treat to look at, and always smells nice. Don't mess with her though... she will kill you.

(friend walks up to Chelsea's house and opens the door)

Friend: "Oh, my God! Chelsea, you're naked!"

Chelsea: "Want a cookie?"

I'll do a real post, like, tomorrow night.


...P.S. if you want to read the rest, you can find them here.

UPDATE: I like this one too!

6. Chelsea
- Part of New York City where all the queens hang out. Fabulous.

42. Chelsea
- Chelsea is a Pepsi obsessed female. She is a member of the Leprechaun Factory and enjoys selling Leprechaun's and Garden Gnomes to the unsuspecting people in her phonebook. People known as Chelsea have been known to walk into the most obvious things and fall for the most obvious jokes. But they are also the bestest friends ever!

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