Friday, July 16

Lesbian Hair

Good evening, boys and girls! Our topic tonight is... admittedly undecided. Probably not a good start but, hey, sometimes the best material happens when you just wing it.


I was talking to my English friend, Richard. We got on Skype and almost immediately, he asked what the hell was wrong with me. I was confused for a moment, but then I remembered - I'd hacked all my hair off only a few days before. This particular incident has happened several times over, reoccurring as each of my friends individually discovered my new, short lesbian hair. Not like, a buzz or pixie cut, but like Ashely Greene as Alice Cullen in Twilight. Like I said: Lesbian hair.

Complete with the choker necklace - it was gifted to me by my fiancé last summer, while I still enjoyed reading the books. I always hated the movies, though. Always.

Back on our impromptu topic of discussion: My haircut has actually been a very good thing for me. I've been on good terms with my family, feeling better about myself, even doing better in marching band. (Color guard, specifically. Yup, I'm a twirl girl. Don't take that lightly, though. It's painful. XD I'll elaborate on that in a later post.) Yessiree, it's good all around.

Also, my cat is making a 'thermometer goes WHERE?!?!' face. It made me giggle.

So! A question for anyone who's reading: Haircuts! Did you ever have a really bad or amazing one? Share, link to pictures, or even try a new cut or style yourself!


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