Sunday, July 18

One Click, That Quick? Since when?!

You know those shows about teenage girls who get pregnant at like 16 years old? My aunt LOVES them. I have no idea why, but she watches like every episode of 'em. And of course, since I'm a teenager in a committed, monogamous relationship, she's absolutely positive I'm going to get pregnant. She doesn't seem to understand that my fiancé is 1000 miles away from me more than 90% of the year. Being that I'm not sexually active, apparently I'm going to have Jesus in my belly.

Still, though, even if we were to have sex, she always tells us, "It just takes one time." Now don't get me wrong here, I know it's possible. But how likely is it that a girls uterus is going to go Edgar Snyder style: "One Click, That Quick"

Please, don't misunderstand me. I know that intercourse is a real situation that can have consequences. But does that mean every single time you have sex, you get knocked up? No. It's just a possibility. Like herpes. Mmmmm, herpes...

And no matter how much I hate to agree with my hokey Health teacher, Mrs. T, you can't make people stop having sex, or not start. People, especially teenagers and younger adults, are going to have sex. It will happen. All you can do is remind them of birth control. Condoms, pills, a monthly injection or even an IUD - if you're going to sleep with someone - your boyfriend, fiancé, husband or a random guy from a bar, that's your business, have fun, but I'd advise protection. Unless you want a Jesus baby.

Okay, so technically, if it's actually conceived with sex, it's just a baby. But still. Who wants a baby at my age, when you really think about it? Maybe a couple people, but I know I don't. I have school, band, work, and cats. That's enough stress for me.

So, my question for y'all. If you were going to be a mommy or daddy, what would you name your child? Personally, I love the names Tabitha or Sasha for a girl and Emery for a boy. Comment, follow, and share the love!


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